Design a future that will empower different lifestyles.



Creating a Future that Upholds Diverse Ways of Living

HeartRails respects each person's sense of values and way of living, and seeks to harness the power of design and technology to create a future that upholds diverse ways of living.

HeartRails aims to broaden the possibilities of humanity, effect change in a way that is not bound by society's existing frameworks, and enable each person to live deliberately based on their own choices by supporting those who envision, propose, and seek to propose new lifestyles.


Become the World's Most Trusted Software Development Company

In order to effect change on a larger scale than can be achieved by HeartRails alone, we aim to become a company that earns the complete trust of each person involved in our activities.

HeartRails offers services that are fast, competent, and good. By continuing to offer excellent services, we will accumulate trust, thereby enabling us to create even better services and fulfill our vision.


Behavioral Guidelines
  • Take pride as a professional in your work
  • Take responsibility rather than ceding responsibility to others
  • Never forget the principles of HRT (humility, respect, and trust)
  • Be unafraid of change and to change others
  • Do not repeat the same mistake twice
  • Cherish your health and the health of those around you
  • Learn well, play well
Development Guidelines
  • Collaborate proactively
  • First determine if the problem has been defined correctly
  • Focus on project goals without getting stuck on a particular means of achieving them
  • Always be aware of the QCD balance
  • Automate routine tasks
  • Review your code with an eye toward DRY, KISS, and YAGNI
  • Insist on making information and situations visible
Client Management Guidelines
  • There is no hierarchical relationship between employees and clients; endeavor to interact as equals
  • Do everything possible to fulfill a client's trust and meet their expectations
  • Rather than simply following a client's instructions, collaborate: think through the problem together, propose new solutions, and aim to outperform expectations
  • Do not compromise or give up on communicating with clients. Talk issues through until you come to a mutual agreement.
  • Treat the business fortunes of clients from the perspective of a stakeholder: our successes derive from our client's successes
Recruitment Guidelines
  • Do not compromise on recruitment even if you are busy and are short of staff
  • Candidates should sit for interviews with as many staff as possible and be evaluated using (approx. 2-week) technical examinations
  • Place an emphasis on whether the candidate can work comfortably together with the staff
  • Emphasize essential knowledge over specific techniques
  • Do not distinguish between first-time applicants and those who have been previously rejected or have previously retired


  • Slack (chat)
  • Google Apps (mail、documents、calendar)
  • Zoom、 (meeting)
  • GitHub (source code management、task management)
  • Jenkins、CircleCI (deploy management)
  • Ruby on Rails、koa/Node.js (serverside framework)
  • React、Vue.js (frontend framework)
  • Swift、Kotlin (iOS、Android OS)
  • Scala、Elixir、Go (Programming languages)
  • AWS、GCP (infrastructure)


  • Working remotely is a baseline assumption
    (Enables employees to work from various locations at various times)
  • Remote study groups
    (Held biweekly to let employees share what they have learned with those around them)
  • Remote clubs
    (Held at various intervals, and includes English, cooking, Minecraft, and weight lifting clubs, etc.)
  • Offline training camps
    (Held twice a year so we can meet face to face)
  • Review meetings
    (Held regularly to discuss individual and company OKR and KPT)
  • English practice for overseas business
    (E.g., some meeting are held in English, and some days are designated English-only days)
  • Respecting employee's private lives
    (Drinking parties and events are held as much as possible during business hours)